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Nick Coleman

The State I'm In

St. Thomas Wins The Fight For Its Soul: Gays, Straights, Christians

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Catholics, Featured, Gays, UST | 1 comment

Virtually no notice has been given to the amazing fact that — after several years of ugly battles, controversial decisions,...

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Wipeout: Minnesota GOP Outsmarts Itself

Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in GOP, Minnesota | 15 comments

(Note: This post is also being published by The Uptake at Brilliant political maneuvers sometimes are too clever by...

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Has Minnesota’s Most Popular Democrat Failed to Use Her Clout?

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Amy Klobuchar, Election2012 | 7 comments

Amy Klobuchar has been working hard to win the endorsement of Republican car dealers, like the ones featured in her campaign ad at the end...

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MN GOP Plan to Whip Up Anti-gay Vote is a Non-starter

Posted by on May 12, 2011 in Gays, GOP, Minnesota | 2 comments

The Morals Police have taken control of the Minnesota State Capitol, fooling the public by pretending to focus on jobs and taxes while...

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From the Vault: Doochsbags

Posted by on Apr 16, 2011 in Ex-newspapers | 7 comments

  (This item was first posted Feb. 17, 2011, and is re-published as part of a series of older posts and columns). My ex-newspaper,...

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