MN Republican CenCom Purges Gang of Eighteen

Dec 06

Tony Sutton Takes Aim

Central Committee Meeting of The Long Knives

Intoxicated by incoming Legislative majorities, Minnesota’s Republican Party got down to business over the weekend, beheading 18 Running Dog Lackeys of consensus politics by sentencing them to a two-year ban from GOP gatherings and sending them for “re-education” to Goldman Sachs to work in the bond-counting department where they will be required to kneel on pictures of Barack Obama as they work.

Well, the stuff about banning them for two years is true, with the ban applying to 18 of the most distinguished Republicans in Minnesota, including many in their late 80s who, if they are lucky enough to hold on for another couple years, may grudgingly be welcomed back into the ranks of the party they spent a lifetime building. Among the disappeared: George Pillsbury, 89; Al Quie, 87; and David Durenberger and Arne Carlson, both 76.

Their crime? They supported Tom Horner, the former Republican spin-meister who was the Independence Party candidate for governor in last month’s election for governor. Horner, a traditional Republican, gained 250,000 votes and the support of many ODR’s — Ordinary Decent Republicans — who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Tom Emmer, the ham-handed rightwinger who campaigned like a bull in a china shop and is now showing what he is made of by letting GOP Chair Tony (The Baloney) Sutton petulantly drag the election recount into court. Sutton spent the weekend lining up gray-haired old Republican statesmen against the wall. It is exactly this kind of Wing Nut behavior in the GOP, of course, that has driven the statesmen out of the GOP and caused them to support Horner. Sutton and his Bada-Bing Club Gang consider it treason for men like Quie — a former governor and the most genuine Christian in state politics — to vote their conscience.

Tony Baloney don’t take no back-talking from punks like Al Quie about how da GOP should be ran.

Al Quie, Independence Party Roader and Consensus Lackey


I have voted for at least two of the Running Dog Independence Party Traitors who have been purged — a fact that undoubtedly would make Sutton and his minions wish they had sent these guys to the Gulag years ago: If Coleman voted for them, they must be commie reds who believe in taxation for education!

Yes, I do. And so do they: One of the Purgees is David Jennings, a former GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives who subsequently spent years as a public school superintendent in places as different as Minneapolis and Chaska and who — inconvenient truth time — has not been shy about calling it bullshit when the Tim Pawlentys, Tom Emmers and Tony Suttons of Right Wing World tell lies about education funding.

What this purge really shows is that Boss Sutton and his gang are feeling their oats: Imagine what might have happened if Emmer had beaten Mark Dayton! Quie and Pillsbury and Durenberger and the rest of those IP monkeys might be swinging from a lamp post. As it is, they stupidly are being blamed for Emmer’s defeat — a defeat that is obvious to the rest of the world but which still is being drawn out obscenely so that Sutton can continue to live in his delusional world a little longer. These are bully boy tactics, and these are bully boys.

(Full list of the Republicans Who Have Been Removed at MinnPost)

At their age and level of accomplishment, Quie and Durenberger and Grumpy Carlson and George Pillsbury — a former state senator, WWII Marine and scion of the milling family — won’t lose sleep about being tossed out of their formerly grand old party by the Sutton brats. But it’s still a distressing spectacle to anyone who respects the long tradition of Republican civic-mindedness in this state. Such purges will drive the Sutton/Emmer party even further to the right, continuing to make ODR’s unwelcome in their own land.

It’s sad. And, to be honest, it’s also scary.

Any Minnesota Republican who HAS NOT BEEN BANNED by these Beer Hall types should be embarrassed. Any who HAVE been banned should be proud.


Running Dog Durenberger

Running Dog Carlson

Running Dog Pillsbury