Rats Begin to Leave Sinking Ship

Dec 03

OK, I don’t mean “rats.” I mean supporters, friends, fellow-travelers of Tom Emmer, the oh-so-near, yet-so-far Republican governor candidate who has been wasting the taxpayer’s money and the public’s time and fooling himself pretending that the automatic-but-unnecessary recount now under way will make him Governor.

Earth to Emmer: You lost, it’s over, stick a fork in it.

Here’s a very sensible and mostly grammatical (neologism alert: “incomprehensively”!) post from over at Minnesota Conservatives, making many of the same points I have made here since the election. However differently MC and Me (Grammar police: I know, it should be MC and I, but that doesn’t rhyme) may see things in general, we’re both good at counting chickens:
Tom Emmer’s chickens ain’t never gonna hatch.

Read from the MC post: (I’ll be back soon with more on the recount situation):

...The question we now face, however, is whether Tom Emmer should challenge in court the election results after the ongoing recount concludes and the almost certain certification by the Secretary of State that Mark Dayton won, that Mark Dayton is, incomprehensively, Minnesota’s next governor.

The answer to that question is no, Tom Emmer should not contest in court the outcome of the election for governor. We were appalled that Emmer vanished after the election–some leader!–and appeared a week later to give a defensive, graceless 19 minute press conference without once ever thanking his staff or supporters. Cue Kennedy’s comment about Nixon: no class…

…all known facts indicate that Dayton has an insurmountable lead that cannot be overcome either through the recount process or a challenge in court. There is no path, despite being given such assurances.

We have read in news reports of our friend Tony Sutton, chair of the RPM, saying that reconciliation and the vouching issue could provide a basis for a court challenge after the inevitable certification in Dayton’s favor. MC doesn’t see it. To be sure, anything could be ginned up as grounds to justify an election challenge in court, the effect of which is to leave the current, what’s his name, governor in place. The salient point is that with such an enormous lead (these things being relative) the average Minnesota voter will be repulsed, and rightly so, with actions that smack of gaming the system, of bad faith, as politics not really as usual in squeaky clean Minnesota. MC is sorry Senator Coleman had such abject, lousy lawyers last time out but getting a better one from DC this time won’t do the trick. The dog barks, the caravan moves on and all that…

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