GOP Wins Control of Legislature, “Drops Trou” for Vikings

Nov 18

IP Governor Candidate Tom Horner at Dome (CBS)

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Wet-behind-the-ears Republicans Likely to Be Easy Pickings

The StarTribune is reporting today that incoming leaders of the GOP-controlled 2011 Minnesota Legislature have gone all weak-in-the-knees for the Minnesota Vikings and its collective-billionaire-family-of owners, the Wilfs, who want the public to build them a new billion-dollar-playground in downtown Minneapolis.

This just goes to show you that the Republicans, who have not controlled both houses of the Legislature since party designation on the ballot began in 1972, are not ready for prime time: They don’t know how to be in charge. Or, ironically, how to say NO to the biggest, wealthiest interests in Minnesota. Somehow, it appears that it took the GOP just two weeks to go from The Party of No (no taxes, no spending, no nothing) to bending over for the Vikings. And this despite a recent poll showing that 3 out of every 4 Minnesotans DO NOT WANT public moneys of any kind squandered on sports palaces at a time of economic hardship.

People to the Republicans:

Hellooo? Hey! Did you see that the state unemployment rate just went even higher? Get your heads out of the clouds and do something worthwhile. The Vikings, worth $774 million and with $221 milion a year in annual revenue, can take care of themselves.

You take care of the rest.