Will Minnesota Democrats Deliver on Their Pledge to Tax the Rich?

Jan 08

From The UpTake, a timely question as Minnesota’s DFL Party takes control of the State Capitol for the first time since the days of Rudy Perpich and My Old Man: Do Democrats actually believe what they say? Story by Jacob Wheeler.

The 2013 Legislative session began today in St. Paul with protesters outside the Capitol in St. Paul demanding that the newly elected Democratic majorities raise taxes on the wealthy. Meanwhile, inside the Capitol, DFL legislators and DFL Gov. Mark Dayton were deciding whether they have the political will to carry out a tax-the-rich promise that has been a traditional part of Democratic politics for decades — a promise the DFL rarely has had the clout to carry out.

It’s THE question of a session in which Democrats will control the governor’s office and both houses of the Legislature for the first time since the era of Gov. Rudy Perpich: Which Democrats are these; the ones who campaigned to win control in order to pass a Democratic agenda? Or the ones who want to stay in power by avoiding actions that might cost them the next election?

State Sen. John Marty, a DFLer who is among the most unabashed liberals in the Legislature, explains the party’s conundrum this way: “When we are in the minority, they tell us we can’t accomplish anything because we’re the minority. And when we’re in the majority, they tell us we can’t accomplish anything because we want to stay the majority.”

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