TPAW is Back. So is The Truth About TPAW. Right Here.

Jun 21

Dear Mitt: I Look Good in a Gun!

Tim Pawlenty was the worst governor Minnesota has had since the days when any moron from a wealthy lumber, mining or milling family could buy the job. In many ways, he was worse: You can’t just be ANY moron to be governor these days. You have to be a special kind of moron. I retired this archive of TPAW Truth-Telling last August, after TPAW’s loony campaign for the GOP presidential nomination fizzled out in Iowa, but, like an infestation of headlice, he is back, being touted now as a potential GOP running mate for Mitt Romney. The idea is tempting: With TPAW at his side, Romney would be out of the race by Labor Day.  Still, I feel Minnesota has an obligation to warn the rest of the country about this charlatan, who just won’t go away… So… Here we are again: As a service to the rest of the nation…

My TPAW TROVE is back!

Q:  What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty?    A:  Lipstick.

The Tim Pawlenty Minnesotans know is NOT the same person who Tim Pawlenty is presenting to the rest of the country as he runs for president in 2012 sucks up to Mitt Romney in the same pathetic manner in which he sucked up to John McCain in 2008. I followed Pawlenty, and documented his increasing rightward slant as his ambitions outgrew Minnesota, for both the Pioneer Press and StarTribune. I will continue to keep an eye on him here, including a look at how he has dog-whistled messages to conservative religious voters that most media have ignored. Below, I also have posted the Pawlenty profile I wrote for Minneapolis-St. Paul Magazine in Sept. 2008 — a piece published to coincide with the GOP Convention in St. Paul, when Pawlenty was being considered by John McCain as his running mate (a certain hockey pitbull-Mom aced him out for the job). Read and Enjoy!

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